So, after just over a 6 month wait I finally had my hernia operation on Tuesday.  I walked in feeling fit and well and shuffled out feeling a bit like an frail elderly man making his way, almost tortoise like over to the taxi rank.  I am reliably informed that if I hadn’t have had the operation, something very nasty and unpleasant could have happened to me.

Anyway, I am now on a 2-3 week break from work as I recover from the surgery.  At the moment it’s not the most pleasant time as I’m in some pain or discomfort (especially when moving about) and still quite lethargic from the general anaesthetic.  However, I am getting to see lots of Gail (which is amazing!) and sit around watching TV and playing video games.  I have yet to attempt a musical instrument since the op, but I’m definitely yearning for it.  It’s also dawning on me that I have several things to be getting on with, which I probably could conceivably work on during my long lay-off.  I have a seminar to prepare on “Relating to God” for the Kids camp in Sibford as well as preparing several Bible studies as well.  I’m speaking at church at the end of July on Matthew 5:13-16, and I’m wanting to do some work on several songs.

Several weeks ago I met up with an established and published Christian songwriter to get some feedback on some of my songs.  It was very positive in all, with lots of fair and objective constructive criticism – now I just need to go back to the drawing board with a few songs and try to make them as good as they can be.  In general, he seemed to think they had some potential, so watch this space!  I’m also hoping to get some songs recorded over the summer – I have a number of friends at church who do that sort of thing as part of their studies and are amply (!) equipped.

Almost 2 weeks ago I had my belated birthday party (due to extreme busyness around the time of my actual birthday).  My brother and sister-in-law came and brought Grace, my now 2 month old niece.  She had grown quite a lot and was also considerably more awake than the last time I’d seen her.  They seem to be adjusting to family life very well – and I’m pretty excited (still) about being an uncle.  Lots of people came later on and the weather even managed to hold off long enough for a viable BBQ!  In my bid to not be stressed and do too much organising, I’d kind of vaguely asked people to bring meat and stuff – in the end we had way too much food and I spent a very cheap week eating up burgers and sausages in abundance.  Not that I’m complaining … 

It was a really good party with lots of good friends just enjoying spending time together and relaxing.  It was a shame I couldn’t have had my family and all my friends from Manchester, Colchester and Cheadle to celebrate being 25, but these things happen … Plus I think it could have been a little bit squashed!  I hope to get down to Cheadle in the next few weeks – recovery permitting … and maybe even swinging down Colchester way for a bit of a hello to all the people who still can’t seem to escape the clutches of North Essex!

The same weekend, on the Sunday night myself and Tom (my housemate) went to see the Manic Street Preachers at the Apollo in Manchester.  Despite being a bit disappointed with the new album “Send Away the Tigers” on the first hearing, it has been growing on me a lot – and hearing a number of the songs live was incredible.  The Manics appear to be back to creating epic anthems with lush soaring choruses – and James Dean Bradfield really gets to sing his socks off, which is always good!  The gig itself was phenomenal – for a band edging towards their 40s there was so much energy and excitement – the best rapport with the fans that I think I’ve ever seen from them, and just a really high quality and tight set with a good mix of new material and the stunning back catalogue that have made the Manics by far and away my favourite band.  They seemed to be enjoying themselves and I certainly did.   They even played “Sleepflower”, the first track from their second album that has one of the best ever guitar riffs – but not a song usually part of their live set.  It was an incredible gig from an unbelievably good band … and apparently there are some more dates being announced for the end of the year!

All in all, an eventful few weeks and while I may not be incredibly active for the next fortnight, this may allow me some time to blog a bit more – and even post some of my Easter reflections eventually!


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