Clearly my life is not very exciting!

Unless, of course, the opposite is true …

Well over a month has now passed since my last update – If I had an extensive fan-base, no doubt they would have decided that I had gone into hermit mode, they would have wept and moved on to the new fad. (In fact, is it time for a comeback tour yet?)  If I was an American TV show, I would have been cancelled due to falling ratings …

So what HAS happened in the last 5 weeks?  I turned 24 which was a complete non-event.  In the end I couldn’t be bothered with a birthday party (it was getting way too complicated!) so instead I just had dinner with some friends.  I did end up getting 3 chocolatey cakes – one with marshmallows, one with strawberries and a badger picture and one with cherries and cream!!!

I also started to write a song … until I realised the tune was blatantly but inadvertently stealing the tune of a new song we’ve been doing at church recently … D’oh!!!!  I’ve finally got my provisional driving license so I’ll be hitting the roads soon, I’ve still got no job beyond August, I’ve helped on a Church mission week in East Lancashire, I had a disastrous attempt recording some songs, I made a load of Minty Lamb burgers for our Church BBQ, I’ve been learning to play songs from Coldplay’s “X&Y” album, I re-started watching “The West Wing” from series 1 again (don’t ask me how many times now!), I got a DVD of The Jam and have enjoyed seeing some of their live performances – superb band, I’ve discovered the joy of eating Banana custard with ground nutmeg, I now have 2 Bill Bailey DVDs – they make me chuckle, I’ve won the World Cup about 5 times as England on the Playstation 2, I’ve almost finished teaching the Bible Overview course at church, ordered some Lego with my birthday money, resolved to get a new decent computer when I have some money, replaced my old broken Hi-Fi speakers, searched desperately for some Badger novelty slippers on the Internet, I’ve tidied and re-organised my room quite a lot, done large amounts of washing up and even larger amounts of cooking … but I have yet to lunge wildly at the pope.

There. You are now officially updated!  Satisfied?  No?  You people never are …


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