A week is a long time in politics …

And in the news-hungry-vulture-culture of blogging, two weeks must be an absolute eternity.  My sincere apologies to those who I’ve kept hanging on for updates on what I’m up to … and to the rest of you who don’t care so much, whatever!

On April 8th I was in Deal, Kent (but then you knew that, didn’t you!) at the Wedding of Phil and Jennie – two good friends from Uni.  I arrived having had a rather convoluted journey (which involved beng passed on like a relay baton for the next leg of the journey) and having completely forgotten that I’d agreed to be an Usher D’OH!!! (Sorry, guys!)  Anyway, I think I managed to do most of my ushering duties ok but most importantly I got to see lots of people who I hadn’t seen for well over a year – Phill and Phil, Phil, Phil, Jennie, Esther, Ian, Foz, Liz, Alex, Anne-Marie, Steve & Karen, Sheri, Matthew … which was all really rather superb …

What wasn’t quite so superb was the journey home – we got back to Foz’s place in London at 1am after the slowest train journey since Simon last tried to get home from work (Sorry, in-joke!)  The next day I tried to get back to Manchester, despite the best efforts of the London Underground (shutting down all 3 lines I needed) and National Rail (I forget by which particular name the current muppets are collectively known) who shut down rail services between Oxford and Birmingham.  In short, what should have been a 3-4 hour journey took 8 hours!!!

Once back in Manchester it was time to crack on with the latest talk, as part of our “Resurrection” themes series over Easter on “Resurrection & the Day of Judgement”, seeing how it’s got very little to do with Arnold Schwarzeneggger and a lot to do with Jesus being the Judge …  I gave that on Easter Sunday and it seemed to go ok, but I wasn’t entirely happy – I’m not so comfortable doing thematic talks – I think I prefer to have a set Bible passage to expound and explain!

After Easter Day, a group of us from church headed off to Shropshire for the Church Student Ministries Annual Student Conference.  This year, the theme was “Trinity: God of Relationships” and it was fantastic seeing the Bible’s teaching on the Trinity, what that teaches us about God, his character and purposes and what that teaches us about the model for human relationships (with God and with one another!)  It was pretty hard work as it felt like we covered the whole Bible in the course of the 5 days, but the Bible teaching was superb, so clear, challenging and encouraging.  It was really cool to see how God is so essentially relational, to see the unity of purpose and action of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and to be reminded what a joy and priviledge it is to call the Almighty God, Creator of the universe, to call him Father.

When we arrived, there was no one there to organise and lead the music for the conference so I got roped in to do it – it was so much fun!  We had a full band most evenings, so we got to play around a bit more with the songs and the punters were giving a really good noise.  It was just so encouraging to have over 120 people belting out songs and hymns, reminding one another of the great truths of the Gospel and giving praise to our Father God for who he is and all the amazing things that he’s done for his people.  We even used “You are the Lord of creation” the alternative set of words that Matthew and I wrote for the “Days of Elijah” tune – It seemed to go down well and a few people asked for copies of it at the end!

Term starts again this week, and my inevitable busyness is already bearing down on me!  I’m speaking again at church in 2 weeks (Matthew 2:1-12) as well as having our Bible Overview course on Sunday afternoons (I need to write 2 sessions of that).  I’m also supposed to be helping out on a Mission Week sometime in May and I need to find a new job to start in September …

And all the time I’m getting older and older … On Wednesday I hit 24 years old … which is only a year away from being 25, which is REALLY quite scary.  Senility, boringness and the ability to be decisive have already deserted me as I can’t decide what to do to celebrate!

Maybe they’ll just pack me off to a home …


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