A job interview, a TV premiere and possible ladder climbing

Apologies for avid followers of my blog for the complete lack of updates over the last month – I did actually update once but for some reason my computer/website were playing up and lost it all and I couldn’t be bothered to write it all over again!  You may have noticed that the contact me page has vanished – I took it off after receiving some abusive/unflattering/unpleasant comments from anonymous people.  I may well be restricting people’s free expression and free speech in preventing them from insulting me like this but frankly I don’t care – besides if they can’t have the courage to own up to who they are and take full responsibility for their comments then I see no reason to allow them to make such comments.  Most people who know me have my e-mail address – so please do contact me using this – and please be nice!

What have I been up to recently?  Well the major event has been having a job interview with UCCF for a Staff Worker post based in Manchester.  The interview was at UCCF HQ in Leicester and travelling down the night before, I stayed with relatives.  The interview itself was very difficult and quite scary as I was pushed quite hard and was being interviewed by the Director of UCCF himself.  I didn’t handle the questions very well (I’m not very good with blind questions and the questions I’d anticipated were not the questions they asked!!!) and so unsurprisingly, I wasn’t offered the job.  It was disappointing but they were clearly looking for specific gifts and abilities and they know what they were looking for!  Having met a number of the other candidates they had an impressive field of enthusiastic, godly and competent people to choose from.  However, for me it means that the “What next?” question remains comprehensively unresolved!

If you have Freeview and am a Wingnut like me (that’s a fan of US TV drama The West Wing) you may be interested to know that Series 7 – the final series is currently showing on More4 … Check it out!!!

Just over a week ago I went to a Music Ministry Training event organised by the North West Partnership (an inter-denominational collaboration of North West evangelical churches) and EMU Music Australia.  EMU are an organisation that seek to produce and promote good quality Biblically based Christ-centred songs in churches.  We were introduced to a number of their songs on the day and they are (mostly) superb.  We’re already planning to introduce a number of them at The Plant.  Check out their website here.  The CDs come with the sheet music and overhead masters on them and can be used and reproduced for church use with the usual CCL licences.

At the event we were also thinking about the place of music in church life and how it can easily start to dominate church meetings in some places whilst in other places it is treated as being completely unimportant and irrelevant.  In Colossians 3:16, it seems that singing in church has a teaching role – one where we teach one another as we sing songs, as the Word of Christ dwells richly in us.  Too often we come together in church and sing songs which are just between us and God – we forget the corporate nature of our singing.  Otherwise we sing songs which are just emotional, personal feelings with no content or context for such a response.  The pattern of praise in the Bible seems to always include the reason why we praise God – who he is and what he has done.  If, as Colossians 3:16 suggests, we have God’s Word dwelling in us richly, that should ground our praise in the truths of the Bible and this should remind us that joy and thankfulness are the right and appropriate responses to all that God has done in Christ!

Whilst at the Training day I bumped into a guy I’d been in touch with about getting some feedback on some songs and exploring the possibility of getting them published.  He had a look through a couple, suggested a few small changes and said he would take them to the New Songs committee at a major UK Christian publishing group – so all very exciting!  Depending on what happens there, I hope to be posting some Songs either here on this site or on “Open Word Music” a Christian music project I’ve been working on the last few months.  So watch this space!

Ciao for now!


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