Um …

Apologies but I really couldn’t think of a more imaginative title than that!  This is just a short post to let people know I am still alive and really to make a prayer request.  My contract with The Plant ends in August and so I’m having to consider what next.  Seeing as I’ve enjoyed Full-time Christian ministry so much – particularly working with students, I’ve been considering applying to UCCF for a CU Staff Worker position (Essex Uni people think Berkeley Young or Alice Jackson, Manchester Uni people think Huw “Smiley” Isley or Kay “Special K” Dawson).

It’s basically a paid position, but some financial support is needed to cover UCCF’s administrative and training costs for having a Staff Worker.  For the past 2 years, I’ve been living off people’s generosity in supporting me whilst I’ve been working for The Plant and I can’t really ask for any more money from the people who have already been supporting me so generously.  It’s a great job and UCCF do a fantastic work supporting Student CUs in their evangelistic efforts around the UK, I’d love to do it but the financial concern is a big one and a significant practical issue!  Please pray for me as I consider the wisdom of pursuing such a superb opportunity for gospel work and the practical issues that are involved.

Please also pray for me as I consider alternatives in the job market – that I’d have godly priorities and not be full of selfish ambition & worldly priorities …One final thing … If you don’t yet own “X & Y” by Coldplay – BUY IT!!!  I got it on Thursday and have listened to nothing else ever since!  It’s absolutely superb, blinding album – good uplifting anthemic music with some genius guitar riffs and soaring vocals.  My only complaint would be that some of the songs don’t last long enough – especially when they’ve really just got going! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT!!!!  I will be checking your record/CD/MP3 collections when I next visit you …


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