Flattery doesn’t always work!

Today I received an e-mail that read as follows …

“Hi joe_m_b.  I saw your pic on line and you are hot”  Followed by some more inappropriate suggestions.

It was sent in relation to my MSN Messenger profile – which made the whole thing hilarious considering my current picture is this …

Now maybe it’s because I’m not really attracted romantically to road signs – I’m certainly not much of an expert in attractive road signs – but regardless of all this, I’m sorry, I don’t think I’d call this hot.  Funny, random, bizarre and quite fun perhaps … but not hot.  Now obviously this is some kind of automated thing sent out using the prefix of someone’s e-mail address and it gives you an address to add to your MSN contacts … which I’m obviously not going to do as it’s quite possible that it could cause my PC to explode … or something! (You know I don’t really understand computers)

But even I was able to spot this fake phoney e-mail that was trying to do something untoward … all I can say is that they’ll have to work harder than this to trap even little old me.  Flattery just doesn’t work … After all, when you know you’re not exactly a heart throb, you get immediately suspicious of people telling you that you’re hot …

Unless of course this was a genuine attempt to recruit me for http://www.people-who-look-like-hot-road-signs.com … You just never know in this mad world of ours!


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