Isn’t political debate fun …

… except when you lose!  Simon (a good friend from University) has pointed out that in my previous post there were a number of sweeping generalisations about David Cameron’s policies.  Well, not so much generalisations as applying more right-wing policies to Mr Cameron – policies he does not actually hold to.  This is a lesson about getting hot-headed, steaming in there with a rant based purely on impressions, suppositions and assumptions … particularly late at night when you’re pretty tired and not thinking straight.  It was not meant to be pithy political comment, but my personal opinion on the new Conservative leader.  However, to support that opinion I was guilty of making statements that, because they were not based on proper research but my assumptions, turned out to be wrong.  I wholeheartedly apologise for misrepresenting Mr Cameron’s views on society and public/private services.

I welcome Cameron’s support and commitment to public services and I hope as Tory leader he can hold new Labour to account for their continuing mis-management of our public services.  Ideally I do believe in a single education system providing true equality of opportunity, where wealth and status make no difference to the quality of education your children receive.  Simon points out that Cameron’s belief is to make public services so good that no-one will want to go private – obliterate the demand for it.  A very pragmatic approach.  Only time will tell if it is achievable, if it works.  I also believe in a single health system; I don’t think that accessibility or quality of medical treatment should be in any way based on the size of your bank balance.  Again, I look forward to seeing how Cameron will challenge New Labour on their handling of the NHS.

I still think I’m going to take some convincing that Cameron is a man I can vote for, but then (as I said below) he’s got a few years to do that.  I should have given him more time with my article and whilst I remain somewhat skeptical, I’m going to watch with interest what he does as the Conservative party leader.


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