And the winner is …

You hardly need me to break the news to you that it’s David Cameron who will lead the Conservative party for forseeable future.  And judging by his first performance in the Commons, I think we could have a genuine contest on our hands for the next election.  A moderate, compassionate Conservative who can take the fight to New Labour and whoever is at the helm come 2009/10.  A real battle for the middle ground of British politics.  The direction that Labour goes in when Blair finally steps down could well help to set the tone … Will they relinquish their grasp on Middle England?

The trouble is at the moment, that I am not anywhere near Middle England nor the middle ground of British politics and David Cameron’s election as Conservative party leader almost certainly means that a vote for the Conservatives goes from an improbable possibility to a probable impossibility.  The trouble is that whilst a “compassionate Conservative” which I admit is a welcome change from some of the recent characters at the helm, Cameron is still essentially a centre-right politician who favours private to public services and the needs of the individual over the needs of the wider society.  He’s a more compassionate man, a friendlier face but I’m afraid on such issues he’s not “compassionate” enough, or at least not my brand of compassion.

However, the moderate aspect of his politics also causes me a problem as it means he’s not conservative enough on other social issues.  As Cameron leads the Conservative party in a more “progressive” direction, this will mean acceptance of the liberal social agenda on gay rights, blurring the lines between different world faiths (and severe sanctions for those who oppose) and various other issues.

In other words, David Cameron is, to my mind, the worst of both worlds.  I have little confidence that he would uphold Christian morals and ethics and I doubt that his compassion would sufficiently support what I consider to be absolutely essential public services, but rather would be more likely to cement the two tier system of services.  Given this, I honestly don’t think there is any way I could vote for him.  If they want my vote, the Conservative party will just have to put up a very good individual candidate in my constituency (wherever that might be).

I hasten to add that this is a very initial impression on a man who has only just taken office … So if you’re reading this Mr Cameron, you’ve got 4 to 5 years to change my mind!  Right now, I may be just one person, but there’s most definitely an undecided vote out there for the different parties to fight over.  Whether they bother to is completely up to them!


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