Nothing to report!

The reason that updates have been so sparse recently is that there has been very little to report … Well, little that is interesting anyway!  I have been very busy with all kinds of things and am still very much enjoying working at The Plant in Manchester that I won’t bore you with.  The invitation (for people who know me) to visit me here still exists – Just let me know …

If you haven’t yet been to see it, go and see “Wallace and Gromit in Curse of the Were Rabbit”  It is fantastic!

If you were a member of the CU at Essex Uni, especially between 2000 and 2005, please do consider coming on the Essex CU Graduate Houseparty 16th-18th December 2005 – it should be great!  (Speaker: Steve Divall of UCCF)  Use Contact Me page to find out more!

Pub Names:
These are some of the highlights of the stupid pub names that were nominated …

The Buff, Orpington
The Tickled Trout, Yalding
The Tap n’ Tin, ????
Ye Arrow, ????
Shaw’s Booksellers, London
The Case is Altered, Suffolk
The Squinting Cat, Harrogate
The Scrawny Chicken, Fictional
The Barking Badger, Chesterfield

Any more nominations welcome!  They will close when I can be bothered to close them …


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