Recipe: Joe in Tomato Sauce

This is a recipe I discovered quite by accident the other day …

1. Take a catering size tin of Chopped Tomatoes (2.5kg) and make a complete hash of opening it with different sorts of tin opener, if possible perforating the lid slightly without causing a full detachment from the rest of the tin.

2. Test to see that the lid is slightly loose and so would probably come off with a bit of force.  Make sure Joe is standing very close.

3. Press down hard on the lid.  It should open and in the process propel chopped tomatoes everywhere, which should cover Joe nicely.

4. Serve immediately!

In other news (I’ve always wanted to say that!), it’s been a very busy month.  First of all I helped out at a Kids Holiday Club at my old church in Cheadle … I was doing the music and very much enjoying playing lots of cool kids Christian songs!  After that one of my fellow Apprentices at The Plant was getting married (I played in the Wedding service – been spoilt rotten this summer for playing in bands!) … It was a great day, a really nice service and a very happy couple!

We then had a couple of weeks to get geared up for Freshers Week which was last week. Every day we were out and about on the various Uni campuses around Manchester doing World View surveys and getting into conversations with people about Jesus Christ and his claims.  We also served up coffee, croissants and cream teas from one of our venues. On the Thursday evening we had Pizza & Evangelistic Talk evening on “Why on earth would I bother with Christianity?” which I gave.  It’s been brilliant at The Plant to be allowed to put into practise the training we’ve been doing on our course – I’ve definitely grown and improved as a Bible teacher in the last year!  Still (hopefully) a long time and plenty of room to improve further …

Ciao for now!


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