A satisfying week!

Maybe it’s just me, but …

Sometimes you have weeks with unimaginably large tasks to complete … A job so huge that it seems to overwhelm you and take up ALL your time.  Once you’ve finished this task, you collapse in a mixture of exhaustion and relief.  Other weeks seem to be made up of a very large number of small tasks that you’ve needed to do for a while and yet haven’t quite managed it because of all the stupidly big tasks you’ve had to do.  You spend the week in utter boredom plodding through them, ticking them off one by one until they are all done … then you sit back in quiet satisfaction at having had such a productive week and enjoy no longer having all these little niggling things to do. Some weeks (and these are the worst) are the ones where you have both … large tasks and little tasks that all need to be done … at which point you become so overwhelmed that you end up doing little to nothing!

I’m very happy to report that this last week has been the middle of these three existences … And I am now in the wonderful position to be able to put my feet up, smile and reflect on a rare productive week.

Except that now I have to go and cook some chicken …

No rest for the wicked, eh?

Heard no more from my mystery visitor of last week.  Although I have discovered how I might have been found.  It appears that if you type in “Joe Byrne” to Google, my site appears on the first page, and top if you limit the search to UK sites … Probably something to do with the domain name (Well, duh!)

It still doesn’t answer why someone might be doing a Google search on this particular site … but at least it answers the question of how my rather obscure site might have come to someone’s attention.  Anyway, ’tis a mystery I shall concern myself with no longer.


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