It’s far too easy to offend

Well, the unexpected has happened!  Someone who doesn’t appear to know me has bothered to waste their time looking at my website … and has apparently taken offense at what they found.  The wonderful feedback forum allowed me to receive the following message …

“Could you be anymore up your own f****** a*** ???
write your own characters you sad b****** – ever heard of origionality?”

I thought I’d made the effort to avoid being at all serious about myself on the site … but obviously I need to try harder.  As for the comment about writing my own characters, I can only think that this is about the “Little Britain – Election Day sketch” posted way back on April 11th.  I can only apologise and say, yes … this offering did completely lack originality – it was just an idea that attempted to combine my love of the BBC comedy series and topical comment/political satire.  Obviously not to everyone’s liking it seems …

I can only hope that the anonymous individual decides not to waste any more of their time looking at a personal website that seems destined just to get up their nose!  You never know, I may even find some time to develop my own Comedy creations … As yet, originality continues to elude me on this front!


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