A Long Overdue update …

Well it’s been a busy week and a bit what with lots of work to do, a General Election and a Weekend visiting the folks!  I’m doing the talks at church in a couple of weeks and most of my time at the moment seems to be centred around preparation for that.  The reason I say ‘talks’ is that we’re having a slightly different approach to our teaching programme this term.  Rather than the usual expository talk (teaching a Bible passage), we’ve had two shorter talks each week as we’ve been looking at “Real-Life Questions”.  The first talk is an Apologetics talk, considering the question more generally whilst in the second talk we look at a relevant Bible passage and see specifically what that passage teaches us about the issue.  I’m doing both of these talks looking at “Who really was Jesus of Nazareth?”  So that should be fun although time-consuming!

Last Thursday I went round to the house of one of our ministers for our Election Party event.  We ate, had a Bible study on Romans 13 and thought about our relationship to governments and authorities as Christians.  Then we stayed up to watch the results come in, being entertained by the genius idea of “Election Night bingo” as provided by the BBC Website.  Each person had a card with some key Election phrases on and when someone on the TV said one, you crossed it off.  First person to get all of them shouted “Full House!” and got a prize … At least that was the theory!  I think the BBC pundits were all under special instructions to avoid using these phrases if at all possible … and some of the phrases were quite random.

Although not a perfect night (Blair held his seat easily), a good result overall.  New Labour will have to work that bit harder to get legislation passed and perhaps the remnants of Old Labour on the backbenches will finally get to influence things as the slashed majority should allow for more effective rebellions.  Incidentally, I don’t think I’d quite appreciated what a disagreeable man George Galloway is – when I first came across him I was quite impressed but he has fallen a long way in my estimation since then.  He slagged off virtually everyone in his victory speech (proving that the only thing worse than a bad loser is a bad winner!) and then proceeded to have a massive go at Jeremy Paxman when the BBC man had the audacity to pose some very tricky questions.  Although a war of words with Paxman is probably not the cleverest thing you could get into.

On Friday, I went off to visit my parents in Wokingham, Berkshire for the weekend. A great weekend of the old Home cooking, we went to a Jazz concert on the Friday evening which was fun – not the best I’ve ever heard but the drummer was absolutely superb – I really enjoyed his improvisations!  On Saturday we went to visit my grandparents in Cheltenham; I hadn’t seen them for a while and they’re both getting on so it was good to be able to see them now.  On Sunday I attended 3 of the 4 services at my parent’s church.  They’ve been very generous in supporting me this year both in prayer and financially so it was good to go and say thanks and give them an update on how things are going at The Plant.  Sunday lunchtime we had Chris and Louise over – they live quite close to the folks in Lower Earley, so it was a perfect opportunity to see them and first time since the wedding.  We packed a lot in to the weekend, but it was still incredibly relaxing!

Anyway, attention is now turned back to work, to Manchester and to looking forward to Star Wars Episode III, out a week on Thursday!  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy …


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