A Fantastic Evening …

Yesterday was my official Birthday celebration, going out with a group of friends from Church to the Sangam Restaurant on the Curry Mile in Rusholme. Phil, Louise, Kevin, Andy, John, Sally, Kay, Kate, Tim, Jennie, Freya, Adam, Eunjoo, John, Flick and myself had a great evening at one of the best … no, THE best curry house on the mile. Great food, friendly waiters (who even produced an impromptu Birthday ice-cream complete with candle) and a lovely atmosphere made for a superb evening. Smashing!

A group of us then came back to our house for drinks and games … including “The Name Game” (which is much more fun than it sounds) and “Outburst!”. The memories of Chaplaincy Games Evenings came flooding back … it was quite emotional! My chest and sides now hurt from far too much laughing. A really great evening ending a really great week – I’ve been productive in work and also had some quality time with friends and quality “Me” time. But most of all, this evening helped me to see just how much I’ve settled in here in Manchester, with a new set of great people … and I’m very happy!

I was very sad to leave behind many friends when I left Colchester after 4 brilliant years there … and I need to work harder at staying in touch with many of them, but it’s great to have been able to move on with life, meet new people and make a whole new set of friends. I’m looking forward to a few more years in Manchester yet …

Although I guess someone else might have some other ideas …


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