Happy Birthday to me!

Despite the best efforts of some, I’ve reached this particular day for the 23rd time now and while I’m not quite sure whether I’m suffering from the alleged “mid-20s” crisis as mentioned by other blogs, it’s certainly proving to be an interesting time of life. The constant fluctuations between enjoying the freedom and the uncomplicated nature of being single and thinking it would be quite nice to be in a committed relationship. The ongoing uncertainty of the future – what am I going to do with the rest of my life? And the worrying realisation that I am properly growing up – 2 years away from 25, which is half the way to 50 and a quarter of a century. Anyway, the most important thing was that I celebrated today by buying a new guitar! I’ve had my old acoustic since my 16th birthday back in 1998. It has served me well but, now full of dinks, scratches and nicks … and with increasingly dodgy electronics, it was time to move on. The new model is a Takamine EGS430SC and, in a word, it is gorgeous! It has a beautifully rich tone, a lovely feel (the neck is a joy to play on – makes sliding around easy!) and it looks absolutely gorgeous … The wood is beautifully finished with a slightly darker colour than most “natural look” top pieces on a guitar. I am well chuffed indeed and I look forward to many years of faithful guitar-playing service that will be rendered by this fine instrument.

My apologies if you have no interest in guitars, but I thought it was fun. It certainly made for a very Happy Birthday! More posts may follow, especially in the run up to the Election …


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