Biblical Voting

Simon posted on his blog some apparent Biblical guidance on how to vote in the forthcoming election from Ecclesiastes 10:2 …

As someone who has significant issues with all the major parties and I’m not sure who to vote for, I was reminded that all could be potentially destructive in Revelation 9:17-19.  Believe me, after this you’ll see Blair, Howard and Kennedy in a totally different light.

To be serious for a moment, though … I am very concerned though about the “Incitement to Religious Hatred” legislation being put forward by New Labour (Christian ministers in other countries have spent time in jail as a result of similar legislation) while all the sensible-sounding rhetoric of the Conservatives actually covers their long-held prejudices.  I’m still worried about their general approach to Immigration and asylum.  The Lib Dems I don’t believe are a credible force – none of their party have much experience of front-line government – they are safe to make promises in the knowledge they’ll never have to see them through.

I’m just hoping all the candidates bother to campaign in our area (safe Labour seat) as I’d like to be able to ask them individually about their different policies.  My distrust of all the parties is going to force me to vote on the basis of the individual candidates – even though 1 person in 650 can only make a very limited impact.

Roll on May 5th …


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