Website taking shape

After a number of weeks of working on it, the All new web site is beginning to shape up and quite nicely if I may say so myself. There are new recipes on the Food page, lots of new pictures on the Pictures page, finally some info on some of my fave things on the Favourites page and some superb web links now feature on the Links page. The Contact Me page now boasts a form, rather than a long and boring list of my various e-mail addresses and what I use them all for. I’ve even managed to spruce up the main logo a little bit. The only page that needs some more work is the Articles page and then all I really need to do is add links to my various articles. I may try to jazz up the About Me section at some point, and possibly play around with the Home/main page … but the site is certainly looking and feeling more complete.

I’m still open to ideas about how to use my currently spare 12th page – although I can only follow one idea, I’m afraid so it had better be a good one. Contact Me if you have any inspired suggestions or any comments generally about the site.

Thanks for reading!


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