An Idea for Channel 4

Apologies for not posting much recently and, at risk of sounding a bit like Simon, I’ve been very busy recently, what with a Talk to prepare for church, 2 weekends away to organise and attending a conference of Evangelicals in the North West …

Anyway, I’ve noticed the significant proliferation of “Top 100 … ” programmes on Channel 4 recently; Top 100 Soap Moments, Top 100 Cartoons, Top 100 Tearjerkers, Top 100 Banned TV adverts, Top 100 Fluffy bunnies in a non-speaking role in an Oscar nominated Film. Eventually they will have done virtually every kind of Countdown (Top 100 Episodes of TV Word quiz Countdown) and when they reach that point and before Jimmy Carr becomes completely out of work, they can have the final, the cherry on the top of the icing …


The programme would feature the best of “Top 100” Countdown programmes, celebrating a remarkable institution, something that is quickly becoming the answer to Saturday and Sunday evening scheduling nightmares … They last for 4 hours, and fulfil the obsessive needs to fill our screens with celebrities spouting opinions that we could care less about.


By the way, those of you who don’t believe in the providence of God then chew on this … The West Wing Complete Series 5 comes out on DVD the day before my birthday. All together now … Oh happy day! Oh happy day …


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